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Single Cyl 2 Valve
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Harley Davidson
2 Stroke
Single Cyl 4 Valve

Three Basic levels of service for 4 valve 250 and 450 Single Cylinder Motorcycle Heads.

Stage 1 / Sport
Power Increases Across the RPM Range
Stage 1 Velocity Porting
Competition spec valve job
Lapped deck surface
Un-shrouded intake valves
Valves bench adjusted
Stage 2 / Competition More Aggressive Powerband
Stage 2 Porting
Match ported intake manifold
Intake valves un-shrouded
Chamber polished
Competition valve job
Lapped Deck surface
Valves bench adjusted
Stage 3 Pro
Tailored to Your Specific Needs.
Flow bench developed port to customers power needs
Epoxy added to port when needed
Flow results print out
Intake valves un-shrouded
Chamber volume set to customer’s preference
Chamber polished
Chamber Volume CC’ed
Valves bench adjusted
Bronze guides
Beryllium Copper Seats

Prices do not include new valves. 
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